Project Credits

Helen Hayward taught in universities and trained in psychotherapy in the UK, leading to her first book Never Marry a Girl With a Dead Father. A freelance writer living in Hobart, her current book is Talking Food in Tasmania (early 2015).

About 'Food as Therapy'

Cookery books swamp us with recipes, most of which we never cook. Food as Therapy starts from the opposite pole. How we feel on a particular evening, and what we set about cooking in response to that feeling, are intimately and richly linked. Food as Therapy describes feelings that we often experience in relation to Home, Love, Anxiety, Comfort, Boredom or Health, and suggests foods or dishes to match these feelings. (Early dusk + rain + solitude = consoling soup.) Exploring this site will help you to keep food where it belongs, in the middle of your life - some days hearty and sociable, some days playful and intimate, and some days busy and pressured.